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Ray Frost Coming Home Front.png
Ray Frost Coming Home Front.png
Ray Frost Coming Home Front.png
Ray Coming Home Back Cover.jpg

The original photograph for the Coming Home album sleeve was taken in the summer of 2017 by Rebecca Xibalba.

Here is her story about how it all came together...
I had just moved down to Kent and exploring my new surroundings with my camera, I took myself off to Dungeness for the day, a barren and unique landscape which boasts the accolade of being the only desert in the United Kingdom. It was a quiet day and walking along the road, I was struck by a fantastic perspective as the road snaked off into the distance. I snapped this scene and it became one of my favourite photos from that expedition. When Ray contacted me to design a sleeve for his new album, the title Coming Home instantly conjured up the image of a road in my mind so I set to work on designing something using this photograph.
Upon completion, I sent the artwork to Ray and he loved it! A few minor tweaks here and there and the cover for Coming Home was born. 
The second album which is currently in production will also feature photos that I have taken locally and I’m really pleased to be able to share this small peninsula of Kent, that I love so dearly with the world.

Rebecca Xibalba 2017

Individual songs from Coming Home are available to buy from

You can download and stream the whole album here

And you can also find Ray on Spotify 


The tracks for Coming Home were recorded at the studios of Oliver Jones in Ko Samui on the south coast of Thailand. Oliver is an accomplished songwriter himself as well as a renowned music producer. Oliver is also the brother of Australian singer, songwriter Daniel Jones best known as one half of the pop duo, Savage Garden.

Ray Frost
Ray Frost
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