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Ray was born in Essex and started to play the guitar at the tender age of thirteen. He played in various rock and blues bands on the Essex circuit in the 80s and 90s. 

In 2002, Ray moved to Spain playing guitar and singing in local bars whilst teaching guitar, bass guitar and ukulele during the day.

Ray joined the Rubettes in 2013 and toured with them for a year until joining up with 60s legends, Dozy, Beaky, Mick and Tich, travelling the globe with them for four years.


Most recently, Ray was asked to dep for Herman's Hermits, completing a short tour of Germany with them and playing to packed auditoriums and enthusiastic audiences with a love of nostalgia. This has now developed into a full time position and he is currently touring the UK with the Hermits on the Solid Gold Sixties tour.

Ray regularly plays guitar in an Amy Winehouse tribute band alongside his own solo gigs and often has to don his dep hat when required for a number of well known bands with careers which span decades.

In 2019, Ray made the decision to release his own album. Affectionately entitled, Coming Home, this collection of self penned tracks features a number of reminiscent personal stories. The album came together very quickly and Ray sometimes found himself writing two songs a day! When it came down to recording the tracks, there was quite a collection to chose from and it was hard to narrow it down to just twelve! A second album was released in May 2020 entitled In My Life, an album jam packed with quality songs which have been treated with a bigger production and many guest musicians including Savage Garden's Daniel Jones. 2021 saw the release of album number three Waitin' for the Sun. This collection of songs features a big production with Ray venturing into a calypso sound for Coconut Kisses and a grand offering in the form of Driftin' where Ray pulled out every instrument he owned to give it a unique sound which fills the eight minute running time with a wonderful melody worthy of epic status.

2023 promises to be a busy year as plans are underway for a countrywide tour with dates in Spain, Denmark and the UK already secured, stay tuned to the website and Facebook for updates...

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